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Make Time
for Nature

New seaside homes in Tuja

available for sale


New Seaside Homes

ELEMENTS is a new residential development in Tuja, Latvia. 

It comprises four unique houses located between the forest and the sea.

The location is a perfect blend of natural elements: ancient forest,  wild sea, dreamy sky and sandy beaches.

Immerse yourself in nature and connect with elements to find balance in life.

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The Place

The Place

Tūja is a village on the seashore in the Gulf of Riga, between Riga (75km) and Tallinn (239Km). It is easily reachable but completely disconnected from city life.

Its quite beach and easy access to forest make Tuja a perfect place to connect with nature.

The houses are located in Juras iela, Tuja, about 5 minutes walk to the beach.

The Story

The Story

Through the years Tūja's story developed with the establishment and growth of the brick trade. Using sea routes for shipping to Riga and other destinations, merchants fueled the demand for bricks and other fired clay products. With increases in production the factory grew and expanded well into the middle of the 20th century.  

Eventually the surrounding clay pits were exhausted and using  imported clay did not work out to be a practical solution. This, together with the turbulent social-economic situation at the end of the last century, led to the end of a meaningful industry.

Today Tūja is an increasingly popular holiday destination, attracting visitors from across the Baltic and beyond. Its true treasure lies in the unspoiled coastal nature and the friendly community of Tūjans.

New Homes

New Homes

ELEMENTS comprises four new seaside homes on individual plots of land.

Construction works are planned to start in Summer 2023 with an anticipated completion by early Summer 2024.

The houses are now available for reservation!

Contact us to book a visit and discuss the possibility to reserve your new home by the sea.​

The Old Brick Factory is also due for re-development.

Further information about the properties available for sale in the Old Brick Factory will be available from Summer 2024.

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